Reflections on EO Global Leadership Conference (GLC)

As a proud board member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Arizona, I had the privilege of attending this year’s Global Leadership Conference in Macau, China. Two days of brilliant speakers and networking with entrepreneurs from around the world provided for some big takeaways: 

  • Find Your Tribe: Whether getting to know the new EO Arizona board members on the trip or connecting with members of the other global chapters, I’m always amazed and how quickly we find common ground.  The willingness to be vulnerable and share experiences breaks through walls quickly.  These people are my entrepreneur tribe, and now I find myself seeking a tribe in every facet of my life: personal, community, business.
  • Stay Curious: This world world is changing quickly, and only the curious will be able to navigate the seas of change.  Be conscious of the moments when you shrug off a new technology or think: “There is no way XYX is going to become a real thing,” because, guess what…  it’s probably coming! One of the speakers talked about the phenomenon of E-Sports and how many people (non-teens) are resistant to embrace the magnitude of the industry. Choose to stay curious about the changes you observe, and and see where you (and your business) can fit in.  Opportunities are everywhere, if you have the right mindset.  
  • Block Out Time to Think About the Future:  Dedicate time every week to think about what your life/world/business will look like in 1/5/10 years. Block it out on your calendar. Challenge your family, friends, and employees to join you in creating a shared vision. Business-wise, what does the company look like that could put your company out of business?  What action can you take now to stop that from happening in the future?  Lay out that vision, and there’s less to fear. 

Looking forward to continued growth and experiences in my coming year on the board, and to sharing those insights with you here.


– Zack